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The Improviser's Guide Podcast

Aug 21, 2018

The day after the finale of the Sterling Renaissance Festival draws recollections of what [By The Mummers] could have been if the faire had closed permanently two years prior (hint: not the [BTM]).

Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Additional Themes composed for [By The Mummers] performances composed by Jason Purdy.


Aug 16, 2018

A big reveal jump starts this week's edition of Theme Park Thursday on The Improviser's Guide Podcast. Following a featured article in the Wall Street Journal on August 8th, Jen & Frank examine the Parkeology Challenge; understanding it, the implausibility of it, the anxiety it, and after a week of exclusively thinking...

Aug 15, 2018

Those fantastic Daniel Bryan - Miz packages on Smackdown Live!

Projecting my own new and improved Dean Ambrose scenario.

The Ronda Rousey big league publicity tour.

Yeah baby!

It's SummerSlam week. Previews & Predictions on Takeover & Sunday's card, plus which current news story invokes all the Bayley - Sasha...

Aug 14, 2018

Andrew Sklar is one of, if not, THE most charismatic, dynamic, tazmaniac performer witnessed by The Improviser's Guide. Sklar's character Randal Piper's new album, 'The Bard's Tale', is complete and will be released to the masses at the Sterling Renaissance Festival August 18 & 19, 2018. Musical influences, musical...

Aug 14, 2018

In the year of 2018, what could be considered [By The Mummers] most controversial song? Switzerland himself is here to tell you.

Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Additional Themes produced for [By The Mummers] performances composed by Jason Purdy.

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