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The Improviser's Guide Podcast

Oct 30, 2018

This week's edition of IT'S [Talk] TUESDAY; The Improviser's Guide Podcast tackles the debate of 'TRUST' vs. 'FAITH'. Are these two words interchangeable? Should they be treated separately? Is evidence required? A lofty discussion.

Dr. Rus D. Jeffrey has close to 40 years of mainstream broadcast experience and 20 plus years of pastoral ministry experience. In 2002 he and his wife Sandra founded Fresh-Wind Ministries. What started as a church plant has now transformed into a growing network of churches as they serve as oversight for ministries flowing in the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement. Originally from Belleville, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Rus and his family also spent approximately 25 years in the United States working in both ministry and radio broadcasting.

Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Intro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

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