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The Improviser's Guide Podcast

Aug 31, 2017

The deaths of Jerry Lewis & Jay Thomas during the week of August 20th, 2017 prompts this week's discourse on reliability.

'Couldn't Have Done It Without You', music & lyrics by Jason Purdy.

The Improviser's Guide Theme, composed by Matt Harvey.

The Sounding of the Bells, composed by Jason Purdy.

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Aug 24, 2017

On this episode, the topic of vulnerability is on the table. The Mis-Adventurers, Stephanie Ward & Michael J. Gilbert, are the guests. Find them at the King Richard's Faire, Weekends September 2nd through October 22nd. Make sure you LIKE The Mis-Adventurers on Facebook!

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Aug 17, 2017

This episode gives a big old 'yes and' to some technical issues. Frank works remotely and sets the wheels in motion for the next series of episodes. Make sure to check out the first ever 'Double Feature' on Thursday 8/31/17 at QED Astoria.

'Endless Summer' & 'The Improviser's Guide Theme' by Matt Harvey.

The Sounding of...

Aug 10, 2017

A departure in this episode as Frank & his sister Jen, (aka @DillosDiz) on Twitter, salute the Disney Hollywood Studios (#AlwaysMGM) attraction - The Great Movie Ride. The childhood favorite rides for the final time on August 13, 2017.

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Aug 2, 2017

The IG Podcast this episode focuses on the idea of presenting yourself as an expert. Fringe Festival performer Donna Kay Yarborough (Follow @DonnaKaySpeaks on Twitter) & Lenny Burrows - the Master of Revels, the Lord of Misrule, the Merrymaker (LIKE Lenny Burrows on Facebook) are the guests!

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