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IT'S [Talk] TUESDAY; The Improviser's Guide Podcast

Apr 25, 2018

Iconic Radio Host Mike Francesa (he of WFAN 'Mike & the Mad Dog' fame) for two years said that, after December 2017, he would never work for the country's most recognizable sports station ever again.

Four months later... Never. Say. Never.

Professional wrestling is renowned for this line of thinking. Loser Leaves Town matches? They'll be back. Loser Leaves Federations matches? They'll be back. Retiring? 98% chance that you'll lace up the boots again (if your name is not Edge or Shawn Michaels).

This episode of #EverythingIsWrestling Wednesday live watches the most famous 'career ending' match in WWE history... In Memory of a friend who was in Orlando, Florida for the event.

Theme and Introduction by Matt Harvey.

Additional Themes produced for [By The Mummers] performances composed by Jason Purdy.

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